2007 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family

King Boreas Rex LXXI - Don Schoeller
Queen of the Snows - Cassie Genz
Prime Minister - Maureen Damman

Prince of the North Wind - Bradley Schmitt
Princess of the North Wind - Chelsea Will
Prince of the East Wind - Bryant Hardy
Princess of the East Wind - Amy Stutzriem
Prince of the West Wind - Greg Holewa
Princess of the West Wind - Ellen Edwards
Prince of the South Wind - Doug Kuchera
Princess of the South Wind - Carlene Johnson
Captain of the King's Guard - Tracy Leach
Sergeant of the King's Guard - Make Shaeffer
King's Guards - Dave Griep, Andy Paul, Stacy Lynn and Rex King
Klondike Kate - Darice Koepke

The 2007 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family

18 volunteers that love what they do!

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