2008 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family

King Boreas Rex LXXII - Bill Foussard
Queen of the Snows - Brooke Stoeckel

Prime Minister - Scott Mueller

Prince of the North Wind - Mark Chapple
Princess of the North Wind - Nicole Paul
Prince of the East Wind - Marv Koppen
Princess of the East Wind - Natalie Patrick
Prince of the West Wind - Frank Caulfield
Princess of the West Wind - Erin DeVahl
Prince of the South Wind - Dave Gifford
Princess of the South Wind - Erin Smith
Captain of the King's Guard - Randy Gould
Sergeant of the King's Guard - Andy Shanley
King's Guards - Adam Dees, Bryan Johnson, Susanna Tarnowski
Klondike Kate - Audra Weier



Brooke Stoeckel and
King Boreas Rex Bill Foussard

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2008 Coronation Video Clips - 11 minutes

2008 Queen of the Snows
Senior Royalty Coronation

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Guard vs Vulcan Hockey Game

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Snow Sculptures at the State Fair Grounds

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Ice Carvings in Rice Park downtown St. Paul, MN

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2008 King Boreas Grande Day Parade - Video

2008 St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Sculptures - Video

Monday, Jan. 21, 2008
Dick Kedrowki
Receives the Sal LaBaido Award
for outstanding volunteerism

Dick Kedrowki served as North Wind in 1998
and King Boreas in 2003.
These are just a small part in the long list
of things Mr. Kedrowki has done over his life time.
At the Dinner held on his behalf two letters were read,
one from the Governor of Minnesota and
one from the Mayor of Saint Paul.

2008 Queens Tea

Saturday, Jan 19, 2008
Queen of the Snow Fashion Show

Pictures will be up by Sunday morning.
Great job to all of the 2007 St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family!

See picture from Jan. 19th Queen of the Snow Fashion Show
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Audra Weier
2008 Klondike Kate

See picture from Jan. 9th, 2008 Klondike Kate Contest
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