Saint Paul Winter Carnival Videos



2010 Royal Family at the Desoto Festival Coronation in Florida.

2010 Royal Family in the Desoto Festival Parade in Florida.

Members of the 2010 Royal Family competing
in the Spaghetti eating contest at the North Hudson Pepper Festival.


2010 Royal Family up at Festival du Voyageur in Canada.

Video 2010 Queen of the Snows Candidates introduce themselves

Video 2010 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Junior Royalty Coronation

Video 2010 Klondike Kate Suzanne Leisman getting chosen

Video 2009 Senior Royalty Coronation

Video 2009 Klondike Kate Darci Strutt ketting chosen


Video 2009 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family
in the June 19, 2009 in White Bear Lake, Manitou Days Parade. 

Video 2009 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Queen of the Snows "Sarah Schweich"
having her likeness carved out of ice.

Video 2009 Queen of the Snows Sarah Schweich being chosen

Video 2009 North Wind Prince and Princess Coronation

Video 2009 South Wind Prince and Princess Coronation

Video 2008 King's Guard - Last Call at the
2009 St. Paul Winter Carnival Coronation



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